Arrowhead’s comprehensive information risk management and compliance systems provide an integrated approach that ensures all programs are aligned, maintained and comprehensive to support our clients’ risk management and compliance objectives. Our HITRUST® certification efforts demonstrate our commitment to providing our clients with the highest level of security to safeguard sensitive information and manage information risk across all of the programs we administer.

The HITRUST Certified Security Framework (CSF) contains 19 security Domain Control Categories comprised of 240 individual Control Specifications. The Control Categories for each category are:

  1. Information Protection Program
  2. Endpoint Protection
  3. Portable Media Security
  4. Mobile Device Security
  5. Wireless Security
  6. Configuration Management
  7. Vulnerability Management
  8. Network Protection
  9. Transmission Protection
  10. Password Management
  11. Access Control
  12. Audit Logging & Monitoring
  13. Education, Training, and Awareness
  14. Third-Party Assurance
  15. Incident Management
  16. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  17. Risk Management
  18. Physical & Environmental Security
  19. Data Protection & Privacy

Nowhere will you find a greater degree of emphasis on data security and the associated risk management protocol to protect your data as well as your inventory. By utilizing Arrowhead’s systems you can rest easy, knowing your assets are safe.