Elanco Iframe Rebates

Client Story:

Elanco is a global leader in animal health. It produces medicines for companion pets and farm animals. The company was looking to grow brand loyalty in a highly competitive field by offering consumer rebates through Elanco’s website. Sending consumers through the Elanco website gives Elanco valuable customer data to further improve customer engagement.

Elanco wanted a single vendor to manage all of its consumer-facing rebates. It also wanted its solution up and running within three months, creating an extremely tight timeline.

Arrowhead’s Solution:

Arrowhead proposed implementing an inline frame (iframe) that would place a microsite managed by Arrowhead within Elanco’s customer site. From there, customers can upload their receipts and qualify for a rebate.

Arrowhead worked closely with Elanco’s team to manage the technical challenges of creating the iframe – this also included working with Elanco’s previous vendor via API to share previous submissions to bring everything under a single management system.

Fraud was a key consideration for this implementation as Elanco offers $25-$100 rebates, for which you can submit multiple proofs of purchase. Arrowhead uses its propriety technology to compare invoices, which, once screened, are screened again by humans to help mitigate fraud.


The new digital platform, with over 26 different product offers, allows Elanco to improve engagement with the consumer while still allowing the consumer to submit for their rebate in an efficient manner.