375 Park Avenue Spirits
375 Park Avenue Spirits – Case study

Client story:

An independent subsidiary of Sazerac Company, 375 Park Avenue Spirits was founded in 1981 as Luctor International to import high-quality alcohol beverages into the U.S. 375 Park Avenue now boasts a portfolio of some of the world’s best-known producers of spirits.

The client was looking for a partner to manage promotions from creation through implementation, a process that involves multiple vendors. The client also needed a system through which it could quickly stand up and activate promotions for multiple brands. This tool is needed to handle all backend functions including compliance, fraud detection, payments, and reporting. The client came to Arrowhead with a short time frame to implement a new round of promotions, which meant Arrowhead’s team had to move fast.

Arrowhead’s Solution:

Arrowhead Fulfillment and Promotion Co. Inc. immediately set out to maximize efficiencies for the client. 375 Park Avenue was happy with its current communications platform, which Arrowhead leveraged to create a new system allowing four separate businesses to work on promotions simultaneously – the client, Arrowhead, the printer, and creative. This dramatically cut down on emails, calls, and other touchpoints that typically slow work, and take up the client’s time. Arrowhead manages all the back and forth with creative, leaving the client with just one task, approving proofs.

Arrowhead created templates for each of the client’s brands so the agency handling creative had all the correct terms and conditions for compliance, verbiage, numbers, etc., further streamlining the process.

Promo Portal:

Arrowhead has also implemented its promo portal for the client – a digital hub to manage both Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC) and mail-in Rebate (MIR) promotions for multiple clients.

The client or Arrowhead can upload information and images for multiple brand promotions, from which Arrowhead can:

• Manage the creative and build an official form for the promotion
• Provide state-by-state compliance
• Issue payments for coupons and rebates
• Collect data for real-time reporting

The client can then track the success of its promotions by brand, location, rate of usage, fraud protection savings, and more.


Arrowhead had 375 Park Avenue set up and actively running offers on the Promo Portal in a matter of weeks. Within three months more than 13 brands were using the Promo Portal to launch and manage their promotions. During that same three months, 375 Park Avenue was able to launch 55 promotions across those brands using Arrowhead’s Promo Portal Management Tool.