Loyalty Marketing

Budweiser Super Bowl Free Beer Promotion

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: APF provided a quick and easy solution for the Budweiser team to award $2 payments to consumers nationwide. In order to receive the payment, the consumer signed up for the My Cooler loyalty program (an APF program) and then the free beer was presented as an award to redeem. APF processed the records and worked with our payment partner to provide a virtual $2 prepaid card which could be used for online shopping or easily downloaded to any mobile wallet. Links to Drizly and the Budweiser online beer finder were also provided.

OBJECTIVE: America Deserves a Bud. To celebrate getting through a tough year for all of us, the Budweiser brand team wanted a way to get a free beer to their consumers across the country. The brand didn’t run a Super Bowl ad and reallocated those funds for the free beer program and also to channel money into driving COVID-19 vaccine awareness and education in order to help us all get back to “normal” more quickly.


Rebate Money Fulfillment


Prize Fulfillment


Promotion Strategy


RESULTS: With limited social media promotion and a limited time offer, the Budweiser team was happy with the amount of consumers who participated and also with the additional, new registrations captured for the My Cooler program