As a full-service rebate processor Arrowhead believes in offering innovative, scalable rebate solutions that can meet the needs of almost any customer. Whether you are looking for a turnkey solution or something unique and different, we can tailor our processes to meet your needs. After 40 years, we are expert collaborators and believe the best solutions can be created when we work together to design the rebate programs around your needs. If required, we can integrate our rebate processing systems with your Point of Sale and/or current Customer Relationship Management Systems. Our highest priority as a rebate processor is to serve our clients. We also implement tight controls through the entire rebate process to protect you against fraud.

As a full-service rebate processor, we work as a team to help you achieve your goals, and we do it all within the confines of our own systems. We offer an onsite Contact Center where customers can call, chat, or email with a live agent about any questions they have throughout the rebate process.

As a leading rebate processing company, we also assist our customers in complying with escheatment law requirements. We have experience navigating this process and work to lower costs across the board. Many clients take advantage of our Unclaimed Property Management Services which helps them reduce costs and ensure that rebate and refund unclaimed property is handled accurately. We truly are a full-service rebate promotion partner that works hard to cut costs and bring you a top-notch, personalized rebate program that meets your needs.