Coupon Redemption Management

From paper to digital coupons, manufacturers choose Arrowhead to be their single source for coupon redemption management services.

Coupons Services

Key Services Provided for Paper & Digital Coupon

As a manufacturer’s redemption agent, we support the redemption management of coupon programs from coupon design, execution and reimbursement to retailers and clearinghouses for both paper and digital coupon promotions.

We are an end-to-end solutions provider for paper and digital coupons.

  • Creative and operational support to plan, execute and manage all programs
  • Redemption processing services to ensure retailers are reimbursed timely
  • Fraud controls to ensure only valid retailers and offers are paid
  • Expertise across multiple packaged goods categories including beer, wine and spirits
  • Call center services to receive retailer inquiries
  • A Promo Portal to Plan, Activate and Track all your coupon (IRC) and rebate (MIR) programs; accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile phone 24/7
  • Detailed redemption activity reports which include customized dashboards and analytics
  • Print on demand manufacturer coupons
  • Rapid, branded digital deployment (social media, mobile, loyalty programs)
  • Direct to consumer coupon mailings
  • Offer polling for state approval
  • Consumer Appeasement Coupons

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