B2C Digital Events Sample Fulfillment

Client Story:

A multinational retailer of personal care and beauty products approached Arrowhead to manage and implement a fulfillment project targeted toward the client’s most loyal customers. These loyalists are invited to webinars during which they receive product information, as well as interact with experts and influencers. After the webinar, each attendee is shipped a kit filled with samples they can try for themselves as well as promotional materials to further incentivize them.


Arrowhead’s Solution:

 An automated solution was off the table because of the expense of customization and because it would diminish the white-glove experience the client wanted to provide for its customers. Arrowhead’s ability to flex its systems provided the client the ability to customize kits for each webinar in both a cost and time-efficient manner, constantly providing new products and fresh messaging to engage and delight customers.

Arrowhead created a customized mapping document to produce the kits in its centralized warehouse – each kit was perfectly arranged and packed by humans to provide an unboxing experience worthy of social media buzz each time the client’s loyalists receive them.


Arrowhead has fulfilled more than 45,000 product kits since this promotion began. These kitting programs involve more than 70 different brands. The dynamic flexibility within Arrowhead’s management system gives the client creative freedom to continue to engage and delight its customers.