SBM BioAdvanced® Point-of-Sale Rebate #2

Client Story:

BioAdvanced® Science-Based Solutions is a consumer lawn and garden brand owned by SBM Life Science Corp., a leading maker of consumer lawn and garden products operating in Europe and the U.S.

SBM wanted to boost sales and improve placement of its BioAdvanced® products at the independent garden retailers that sell its products. It also wanted to better understand its customers, which can be challenging through a third-party retailer. A brand rebate offer would give SBM a direct connection with consumers, and help move product – a bonus for retailers.

Arrowhead’s Solution:

 Arrowhead’s solution was a consumer-facing program through which consumers could create an account and log their purchases online. Consumers were eligible for up to $30 in rebates depending on how much product they purchased.

For this program, Arrowhead used an inline frame (iframe) to create a microsite on the client’s URL that points back to and is managed by Arrowhead.

The unique challenge was the many different ways in which independent retailers provided receipts to consumers. Some are handwritten, some might have UPC codes, etc.. Arrowhead worked with SBM to create a repository of receipt structures for 22 different retail chains. In addition to understanding what type of receipt would be accepted from any given store, Arrowhead deployed its proprietary technology to identify duplicates, mitigating possible fraud.



 The client reports both strong customer engagement and a year-over-year lift in sales where the rebates have been offered. In addition, the client has collected valuable consumer data for retargeting purposes.