Swag Fulfillment

Boveda Training Video

Client story:

Boveda is a well-respected manufacturer of humidors – humidity control products for wood instruments, tobacco, hemp, and as more states legalize the use of marijuana, cannabis.

It’s an add-on product most cannabis buyers would not think about when it comes to keeping their product fresh. Boveda’s products does exactly that by protecting terpenes, those naturally-occurring compounds in cannabis that contribute to the flavor, smell, and often effectiveness of cannabis.

The key to sales for Boveda is educating the consumer, and the people who are in a unique position to do that are the so-called Budtenders, who advise consumers as they make their purchase. Boveda wanted to incentivize Budtenders in Illinois to take their training video so they could pass along that information to consumers.


Arrowhead’s solution:

Arrowhead took Boveda’s training content and put it on a platform where Budtenders were first screened to verify they were of legal age. Being that marijuana sales are highly regulated, compliance for any promotion involving a product aimed at marijuana users is a key consideration.

The next challenge is to ensure the platform actually accomplished the task of teaching. Arrowhead’s platform is un-scrubbable, meaning, you can’t quickly scroll through it; you have to let the content play out in real time. Then, to ensure Budtenders actually watched the video, they had to pass a quiz to prove they understood that content.

To entice Budtenders to lend Boveda their time, Arrowhead helped curate branded swag that was both appealing to the Budtenders, and adequately reflected the time they spent learning about Boveda’s products.



Nearly half of the target audience for this promotion watched the video and passed the quiz within the first few days, which exceeded Boveda’s goals.