BrewDog – Viva Las Vegas Sweepstakes

BrewDog – Viva Las Vegas Sweepstakes

Client Story:

BrewDog is a multinational company with a classic start-up vibe. Two guys based in Scotland started selling craft beers at local farmer’s markets in 2007. You can now find BrewDog in bars and retailers worldwide, as well as online.

Looking to grow its customer base in the U.S. as well as solidify its relationships with independent retailers, BrewDog devised a plan to offer a sweepstakes that would help those smaller, non-franchised retailers attract customers, and also help BrewDog connect with consumers.

The biggest challenge?  Compliance. Instead of one large retailer, this sweepstakes would target nearly three dozen independent retailers. The sweepstakes had to look identical, but each location had to offer its own prize pool, and consumers had to receive official contest terms compliant with regulations in that store’s geographic location.

Running three dozen individual sweepstakes to make that happen isn’t cost-effective, so BrewDog turned to Arrowhead Promotion and Fulfillment for help.


Arrowhead’s Solution:

Arrowhead came up with a plan that offered one template for the contest, and a unique QR code that provided individual collateral for each location. With that, Arrowhead could ensure each location had a winner, and that contest rules would dynamically display the correct rules for that location. This solution also gave BrewDog valuable data on customers by location.

Because Arrowhead hosts its technology locally, it can flex with client needs and scale up or down with efficiency. In other words, we can generate QR codes for three dozen small locations just as easily as we can generate a QR code that will serve thousands.



BrewDog met its goal of building stronger retailer relationships as stores reported an overall gain in new customers over the course of the promotion. Additionally, BrewDog was able to grow its email acquisition base to further engage customers.